Mobile wins over TV as preferred screen

A UK wide study by Weve, of 2,000 adults 18-55+, saw mobile devices eclipse TV, with nearly half of the much sought after 18-34  year old category considering mobile their first and most preferred screen. This exciting result secures mobile as a firmly established main competitor to the conventional and previously unchanged media channels.

Key findings from the research include:

  • 46% of 18-34 year olds cite mobile as their first and most important screen
  • Over a quarter of consumers turn to their mobile first to interact with online content, rising to 45% amongst 18-34 year old
  • 28% of respondents say that mobile devices are now their first screens, ahead of TV at 27%.
  • 39% [over 1 in 3] cite their mobile device as the screen they look at most often
  • Nearly one in ten consumers turn to their mobile first to make online purchases

David Sear, CEO of Weve, said this finding

‘gives Weve a unique opportunity to bring consumers and brands together in new ways.’

Discovering an insight like this opens up a world of opportunity for brands. A similar recent poll by Weve shows the way this insight has already built consumer-smartphone relationships, with two of the key highlights being:

  • The top five consumer behaviours as a result of receiving a message are downloading an app, researching online, sharing information with family and friends, visiting a store and redeeming a voucher.
  • 62% agreed that mobile messages are a good way to find out about brands and offers.

These Weve researches are an undertaking to better understand consumer-smartphone relationships, so brands and businesses can use the results to evolve with the ever changing consumer behaviour, especially among the sought after young people. Mobile rapidly catching up to the traditional media forms of TV, print, radio & online, and now suddenly passing the longstanding leader of TV, is a sign of great mobile possibilities, explains David Sear.

via Weve