Earn consumer trust with less data collection


2014 is the time for brands to earn consumer trust simply by asking for less data.

This simple answer has come about to fix the overwhelming data mining issues that have come about this year.

2013 has seen brands push data collection boundaries; by giving consumers excessive sign up forms upon using their websites, products and apps. This has allowed for data mining to cause privacy breaches, as leaked consumer information and spying government agencies have bought to light the issue that any data collected could be harvested and manipulated in multiple ways.

‘How old are you?’
‘What date is your birthday?’
‘Where do you live?’
‘What gender are you?’

Endless unnecessary questions are asked upon signing up with brands which simply scares consumers away- excessive data requirements are undeniably off-putting.

Adobe, 2013, found:

82% of global consumers believe that companies collect too much information on consumers

Pew Research Center, 2013, also found:

86% of US internet users have attempted to remove or mask their online activities, despite only 37% believing it is possible to be completely anonymous online.

2014 is an opportunity filled year for brands to stop data collection and instead earn consumer trust with nothing more than brilliant quality service.