How long New Zealanders spend on Facebook – Experian┬«

It is rare to find New Zealand internet usage statistics. But recently, a study by Experian Hitwise has revealed that New Zealanders spend the second longest amount of time on Facebook - 30 mins 31 secs per session, following Singaporeans. This does mean we in New Zealand spend more time on Facebook than the typical Australian or American, whom we Continue reading

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You have worked hard to build great quality content for your site. And now your visitors are loving it! But, not enough know about it yet. Let's be honest. You were probably writing all this content in an effort to look great in the eyes of search engines and so people will link to it to build your page rank. Now you have another target; to make c Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #10

Do You Friend Your Dad On Facebook?This is a great story from the Washington Post on what happens when your parents ask to be your friend on Facebook. The "No Parents On Facebook" Group is getting lots of members. Read More Facebook - Making Cheating Easy Since 2004This guy is probably getting expelled from University for being the administrator of Continue reading

Twitter – The Cyber-family Connection

As of today, my sister has set off to work in New York. Although I will miss her dearly, the wonders of the internet let me keep in touch to the point of being overwhelming. We all know about IM, Skype, Facebook etc, however I recently discovered the wonders of Twitter, and how it can keep my family connected at all times. My conclusion? Twitter, Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #9 6 February 2008

Facebook Music LaunchesOne feature MySpace had over Facebook was the tools for musicians. MySpace really started as the social network to connect fans with bands. Now Facebook has finally introduced this feature set which could be the final nail in the coffin for MySpace. A professional music offering in partnership with record labels is also in th Continue reading

Totspot – Social Networking for Parents and Babies

This site is in private beta, so you can't sign up for it just yet, but the idea behind Totspot is to create a private space online for your little bundle of joy and update it as you go with their progress in the first few years - first time crawling, first solid foods etc. You can add photos, videos and even pay a few to have this turned into a bo Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #8 28 February 2008

Sorry this issue is a little late. Facebook Cracks Down on Apps But Opens Arms to FlashFacebook has finally given you the option to permanently block an application and stop receiving vampire, texas hold-em, etc, etc requests continuously. This is a great news for users, not so great for app developers who rely almost entirely on the viral way in Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #7 21 February 2008

Facebook Clones in Foreign Language MarketsI have previously suggested that Facebook will need to be aware of the possibility of losing out to local competitors if they don't naturalise the site for foreign languages quickly enough. Well, it seems they have a bit of a fight on their hands for Latin America. Sonico has over 8 million users and has Continue reading

vLES – virtual Lower East Side – MTV’s New Virtual World

We have seen a few briefs in the marketplace for clients wanting to build their own virtual worlds. I have avoided these types of projects to date, as I just think it is crazy to try to go down this road. The numbers around Second Life are widely overstated, with them still averaging about a million unique visitors per month, which in web 2.0 commu Continue reading

Dell’s ReGeneration Contest on Facebook

This is a very interesting campaign executed by Dell on Facebook using the Graffiti Wall application. This was to help promote Dell's ReGeneration campaign.The competition involved entrants drawing "what green means to you" with graffiti. Here are the stats: 7,302 entries 150 finalists Over 1 million votes! 6 category winners The best overall winn Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #2 17 January 2008

This is the second weekly Facebook news summary. Zuckerberg Appears on 60 MinutesFacebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared on current affairs TV show 60 Minutes. Here are the clips from YouTube: Some highlights:"Beacon makes Facebook less commercial." "we have to make money" "it is highly unlikely we will go public in 2008"For a detailed look at Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #1 10 January 2008

This is a new weekly post that will provide a summary of everything Facebook. Such is the popularity of this social networking site, there is just too much going on to continually post up, so I thought a weekly summary of the top stories would be the best solution. Scoble Gets His Facebook Accout DisabledCelebrity blogger and Plaxo get into a brie Continue reading