Google’s Earnings & Mobile Advertising

I like to check up on what investors are saying and the data & predictions they are acting upon when it comes to tech companies. Because my expertise are around search marketing, I find it interesting to follow investor sentiment around Google to gauge where investors see the business' opportunities and difficulties are and how well it is in de Continue reading

Bringing Your Website Data to Google Search Results

Ever wondered how to make your search results look like this? Not to get this mixed up with Sitelinks, this is marked-up data and is suitable for almost all types of data, (products, music, arts, books, business listings, restaurants, recipes etc.). Sometimes Google is able to turn your data into this result format automatically if it has been Continue reading

Google’s mobile advertising problem

A premature drop in the Google (GOOG) share price has been attributed to a realisation that the growth in mobile usage has led to overall lower CPCs, cannibalizing desktop revenue growth. Advertisers who have taken advantage of bringing their ads on to mobile have enjoyed the lower mobile CPCs for years now. Taking into account mobile growth and Continue reading

Here's something that is kind of useless, but still cool (seems to be a trend?) is a search engine that is still in beta, and calls itself a "Visual Search Engine". Essentially when you search for something within Searchme it gives you a small screen shot of the actual website, along with using Apples "Cover Flow" design to flip throu Continue reading Launch AdSense Style Offering, the UK equivalent of Yellow Pages, has launched a new service called netReach. This is an advertising network based on a similar model to Google AdSense. Advertisers can now have their ads placed on Yell network websites, as well as on Meanwhile, website owners can earn revenue from signing up to the network and placing Yell net Continue reading

ChaCha(Cha) with a Guide

My new favourite search engine is ChaCha. Not only does it have the normal Google-like search functionality but if you're hopeless at searching like me, then you simply ask a ChaCha guide to help you search. They remotely load your screen with relevant search results , holding your hand along the way.I tried to stump them by performing an ambiguous Continue reading

Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo! – What does this mean for New Zealand?

The biggest story today is the proposed acquisition of Yahoo! by Microsoft for US $44 billion in attempt to provide a combined competitive front against the increasing dominance of Google. Let's look at is how this would impact the New Zealand market in terms of online advertising. This chart and shows the market share of the major search engines: Continue reading

Google Print Ads Looking to Launch in the UK in 2008

I have previously posted an explanation of Google Print Ads, which is Google's online marketplace for buying advertising in newspapers. This has only been launched in the US so far, but there are now plans to take this to the UK. This would suggest to me that it is going okay for them in their local market since they launched about mid-2007. There Continue reading

Pushing your Christmas promotions

How are you communicating your Christmas promotions this year? I?'m not going to talk Web 2.0 here; I?'m taking you back to basics. Here?'s a check list of what you should consider with any promotions coming up. Search advertising ? Google AdWords Reach people in the middle of their online Christmas research/shopping. You can target websites with Continue reading

Are benefits of search driven by offline communications?

There?'s a bit of buzz at the moment with a study that has shown a link between offline marketing efforts and the search or a product/brand. These people that are driven to search from offline are also more likely to buy. Sure there's still search activity and purchase intention unlinked to offline marketing, but this study has proved how critical Continue reading

Can this be true? SEO dead?

I have often thought that the world of SEO was rather misleading.  This was after having several companies pitch their ideas to me, produce long & sometimes interesting reads all for something that I could do myself if I followed some simple rules. So I found this article very interesting. If you are about to engage an SEO company have a read...D Continue reading

Enter by the front door or by some other path

As part of our methodology documentation we produce a site map for clients. These maps often follow the traditional "organisational structure" layout and provide clients with a sense of comfort that their customers will follow such a linear path to the desired outcome. In presenting this to clients we often comment that such a layout is some what Continue reading

Google Print Ads Officially Launched

Google Print Ads has been in the pipeline for a while now, but has only officially launched this week.The online demo has a full explanation of how it works but essentially it allows you buy space in any of their partner newspapers. You can place one ad in one paper or do a nationwide campaign (currently in the US only). It is not an auction model Continue reading

Australian Regulator Takes Google to Court for Selling Advertising

Well not exactly, but more or less.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking legal action against Google to stop them publishing search results that fail to distinguish between paid advertising and natural search results. "The ACCC is alleging that Google, by failing to adequately distinguish sponsored links from 'organic' Continue reading

Advertising Beyond Google, Yahoo! and MSN

This was the title of one of the presentations from the Future of Online Advertising conference, however I'm going to summarise a number of presentations that dealt with the same subject but with different angles.Beyond Google's AdSense product, which appears on numerous blogs, it isn't that easy to buy advertising on blogs. Here are three companie Continue reading

How will Google CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Work?

This is from a presentation in New York at FOOA by Kim Malone, Director of AdSense at Google.The first thing to note, is that this product is very much still in beta and is likely to change significantly before launch, however, the basic concept is like this:AdvertiserThe advertiser chooses the Price Per Action (PPA) that they are willing to pay an Continue reading

Thought of The Day on Collective Online Intelligence

With the advent of Google starting to monetize YouTube through the use of inline video text ads it would be interesting if in turn they could help the problem of insufficient meta data for videos and improve the relevance of Youtube's video search results (not the ad results which they currently do at the moment) by providing the ads in a contextua Continue reading

GoogleForce? Google and SalesForce Consider an Alliance to take on Microsoft

Rumours abound that a partnership deal between SalesForce and Google is in the works and will be released in the next few weeks. As a customer/partner of both companies, we would welcome this. Google have nothing the CRM space now that I know of and I think they would be crazy to go it alone, given the dominance of SalesForce. Meanwhile, SalesForc Continue reading

Google Plus Box

Google have added a widget to their search results called Plus Box. The first version shows stock graphs and other information from Google Finance. The second gives you the Google Map for that location. Simple but effective. What Google does best. What they don't do particularly well is design. The new Themes for your personalised Google H Continue reading

Final Thoughts from ad:tech

I'm really pleased I came to ad:tech this year and I want to summarise my impressions from the last few days: Our industry is hot. Everyone is talking about interactive/digital being the future of marketing and advertising. This includes big media/publishers, agencies, and the big brands. I'm particularly encouraged by the very bold campaigns bein Continue reading

File-sharing site to buy its own island nation

It looks like Sealand is up for sale again. This time the front-runner is Pirate Bay, the world's biggest Torrent search engine and arch enemy of the MPAA. With an asking price of around half a billion clams I'd be surprised if they manage to pull it off, but then again - anyone who says crime doesn't pay has obviously never heard of online gamblin Continue reading

The Oracle has spoken

A number of notable bloggers out there have recently posted their predictions as to what 2007 will hold for this whole crazy Interweb-type thingy. Now, my New Year's Eve clairvoyance is typically limited to picking 10 celebrities most likely to shuffle off their mortal coils over the following 12 months, but (as my lawyer will tell you) I'll try a Continue reading