Get Ready You Tube – It’s Hammer Time

MC Hammer (born Stanley Kirk Burrell) is behind the newest online video start up, due to launch soon. is going after the niche of dance/music videos and hopes to become the key community for professional dancers and enthusiasts. Who can forget his unique dancing style and famous crazy large pants. The last I heard was that Stanley had Continue reading

Facebook Beacon – The Saga

This blog post from the New York Times is an excellent summary of what has happened since Facebook launched their Beacon advertising service in November 2007. Beacon is a programme that allows their advertising partner sites to prompt Facebook users on their website to post information about what they are doing back to their Facebook profile. What Continue reading

The Lazy Marketer’s Way to Understand How to Use Social Networks

Google OpenSocial, MySpace, Facebook. Are you confused yet?No problem, our resident Half-Geek, James Fleet, will break it down for you with these three posts: Google OpenSocial facebook & myspace ad networks facebook business solutions review Technorati Tags: facebook, google, myspace, opensocial Continue reading

Don’t Mention The War – VW Lawyers Tell YouTube

Volkswagen were less than amused by a YouTube user creating a parody of one of their TV commercials featuring a Nazi theme. They have filed a subpoena demanding that YouTube release the identity of the user that uploaded the video. I'm struggling with this to be honest. I know that VW's ad agency in the US developed the following TV commercials w Continue reading Strategy: Sell advertising, without the selling

YellowRecently as a part of an online interactive banner advertising campaign we had decided to include into the media plan.

In summary ? it’s impossible to advertise on For such a big company that makes a majority of its money (perhaps close to all) from advertising, I was surprised. First a sales freeze, and now waiting on false promises. It?’s been over a month and I still haven?’t even seen a rate card when I was ready to book last week and even let them know. Compare this to using a console like Google AdWords, and I?’d take any day.

Continue reading

iPhone Mania

The blogosphere is going crazy with activity around the imminent launch of the Apple iPhone in the US this week. How would you like to see this level of activity...before your product and campaign has even been launched! The ability to see potential demand well in advance is one of the key benefits of Web 2.0 that I think is largely undervalued by Continue reading

Tony Blair Concedes the Importance of Consumer Generated Media

Tony Blair, soon to be former Prime Minister of Britain, gave a speech yesterday where he talking about the impact of blogs and other consumer generated media on the media and political landscape. Here are a couple of quotes from his speech: "Newspapers fight for a share of a shrinking market. Many are now read on-line, not the next day. Internet a Continue reading

The Deck – Niche Vertical Advertising Networks (FOOA Future of Online Advertising)

Jim Coudal, renowned designer at Coudal Partners, gave a presentation at the Future of Online Advertising (FOOA) in New York on 7th June 2007, about one of their businesses, which is called The Deck. The Deck is a network of blogs all focused on a very specific niche audience of creative, design and web professionals (people like us). They have a Continue reading

Interesting facts, blinks and quotes from the Future Of Online Advertising conference in New York (FOOA)

Just a few notes, blinks and interesting stuff I've picked up over the last couple of days. I need a bit of time to absorb everything and write some more meaningful posts. ------------------------------- "Blogging in an ephemeral fad. Destined to burn itself out in a year or two." Hiawatha Bray, business journalist circa 2002He is now a blogger. -- Continue reading


This wasn't a term I had heard of before this week. In the context of online advertising, this means to buy out an entire online advertising network for one day so you completely dominate the entire property. This is used for major campaign launches or product releases. For example, you would "Roadblock" Yahoo! and your ad appears across all their Continue reading

Advertising Beyond Google, Yahoo! and MSN

This was the title of one of the presentations from the Future of Online Advertising conference, however I'm going to summarise a number of presentations that dealt with the same subject but with different angles.Beyond Google's AdSense product, which appears on numerous blogs, it isn't that easy to buy advertising on blogs. Here are three companie Continue reading

Future of Online Advertising

I'm at Gotham Hall in New York City attending the Future of Online Advertising conference. I'm going to post summaries of presentations and thoughts throughout the two days. The venue is amazing. Bit slow off the mark as the WiFi network has only just started working at lunchtime. Hope this isn't an indication of the future? Technorati Tags: foo Continue reading

Google Buys Panoramio & Feedburner..and spies on Californians

Google has snapped up another couple of Web 2.0 start ups. Feedburner is an RSS publishing service that is very useful (we use it, basically makes it easier for people to get your feeds, plus a whole heap of other functionality). They have the technology to insert advertising into feeds, which is obviously what Google is after. Panoramio is a ser Continue reading

Virgin America Let’s You Name Their Planes

Virgin America has finally got the green light to start their first domestic service in the US. They have a very interesting campaign running at As the URL suggests, you can name their new fleet of planes. Specifically you can submit a name and have other users vote on it. The most popular names win. 18,810 names submitted so far Continue reading

It seems the annoyingly catchy song has inspired Mattel, makers of the Barbie doll, to create a virtual world called This looks like it will have a lot of similarities to other virtual worlds like Second Life: You can create your own customised avatar You have you own customisable room You can chat with other members You can buy s Continue reading

MySpace Friend or MySpace Foe? has emerged from a very public battle with MySpace with the ban on their widgets being lifted for MySpace users. Liz Gannes on GigaOM has a very good summary of what happened in this case and also points out that it is not the first time that MySpace has decided to "censor" content. When I heard Shawn Gold, CMO of MySpace, speak at Continue reading

Blogger’s Code of Conduct – Essential, Irrelevant or Subversive?

Tim O'Reilly, a pretty influential and well respected guy in the blogging and tech community, has called for a Blogging Code of Conduct, which calls for blogs to adopt this and display a "Civility Enforced" badge on their site to make it clear they adhere to the guidelines. Here's the first draft: We celebrate the blogosphere because it embrace Continue reading

The New MINI

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new MINI R56 and Dane took these video clips of Russ Swift, one of the world's best stunt drivers, showing what you can do with it. You need to turn the ABS off though! "Dancing" to Queen Parallel Parking in less than 2 seconds Technorati Tags: MINI, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI Continue reading

Dell Expands Their Web 2.0 Strategy

Computer giant Dell, already have a blog, Direct2Dell and Dell Island in Second Life, but they have recently launched two additional "conversation" sites to their online offering. The first is called Dell IdeaStorm where anyone can post ideas for new or changes to Dell products and services. It supports comments and also Digg style voting so you ca Continue reading

Financial Services Industry Online in Australia

Some interesting insights from the panel discussion that included Nick Dalla Riva, Head of Online at NAB and Sascha Hunt, Senior Marketing Manager Internet & Telemarketing at Citibank Credit cards. Citibank and NAB both spend about 10% of their marketing budget online. Virgin Money spend over 50%! (if only all our clients were like that!) Their f Continue reading

Shawn Gold, CMO of at ad:tech Sydney

Here is my summary of Shawn Gold's presentation at ad:tech Sydney today. Shawn is the Chief Marketing Officer for, the world's biggest social network. How big you ask? Well; 0 - 150 million registered users in less than 3 years. Number One in the US in terms of page impressions, downloads and average time spent (an indicator of how "s Continue reading

2007 Online predictions for Kiwi marketers

2006 was an interesting year with the spectacular sale of auction house Trademe and the massive uptake of ?"you & me?" media channels like and So what will 2007 bring? How will this impact on Kiwi marketers ? here are our predictions. Ferrit will fly like a pig Following substantial ?reallocation of human resource Continue reading

Andy Lark has a lot to say about Microsoft's move to give free Acer laptops pre-installed with Vista and Office 2007. I think he has a point, it does not appear to be that ethical, but then again, it would be a major mission to get people to actually upgrade to Vista and Office when it is still in pre-release mode. I would do it on my main machine, Continue reading

A lesson in Online Reputation Management

<rant>Ok so about 4 months ago I managed to smash the screen on my trusty Sony Ericsson 3G mobile. This phone had served me well, and I was actually pretty gutted that I wasn't offered an equivalent Sony as a replacement. If I had been, I probably would have avoided a bunch of trouble.What I ended up with was a Motorola v3x - Motorola's best Continue reading