Google’s mobile advertising problem

A premature drop in the Google (GOOG) share price has been attributed to a realisation that the growth in mobile usage has led to overall lower CPCs, cannibalizing desktop revenue growth. Advertisers who have taken advantage of bringing their ads on to mobile have enjoyed the lower mobile CPCs for years now. Taking into account mobile growth and Continue reading

iPhone Blog Off

It's an iPhone blog off here at Marker, kind of like a bake off but posts instead of cakes, traffic instead of taste and iphone instead of trophy..the person whose blog post(s) gets the most unique visitors and 'genuine' comments within a month wins an iPhone. Competition restarts each month and sorry but limited to Marker employees only. So choo Continue reading

NZ Daylight Saving-confused?

Most of the printed calendars I have seen note NZ daylight savings to finish on 23rd March but they obviously didn't double check this before pushing the print button, as daylight saving does not finish until 6th April this year..the first change in NZ daylight saving timeframes since 1990.It actually surprises me that it's something that can chang Continue reading

Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo! – What does this mean for New Zealand?

The biggest story today is the proposed acquisition of Yahoo! by Microsoft for US $44 billion in attempt to provide a combined competitive front against the increasing dominance of Google. Let's look at is how this would impact the New Zealand market in terms of online advertising. This chart and shows the market share of the major search engines: Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #1 10 January 2008

This is a new weekly post that will provide a summary of everything Facebook. Such is the popularity of this social networking site, there is just too much going on to continually post up, so I thought a weekly summary of the top stories would be the best solution. Scoble Gets His Facebook Accout DisabledCelebrity blogger and Plaxo get into a brie Continue reading

Google Print Ads Looking to Launch in the UK in 2008

I have previously posted an explanation of Google Print Ads, which is Google's online marketplace for buying advertising in newspapers. This has only been launched in the US so far, but there are now plans to take this to the UK. This would suggest to me that it is going okay for them in their local market since they launched about mid-2007. There Continue reading

Australia to Censor the World Wide Web

Wow. If you are going to announce a new policy that is mirrored on that of the communist government in China, New Year's Eve is probably a good day to do it as no one is paying attention to the media and they'll be too hung over on the 1st of January to read the newspaper. Telecommunications Minister Stephen Conroy says new measures are being put Continue reading

Australian Regulator Takes Google to Court for Selling Advertising

Well not exactly, but more or less.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking legal action against Google to stop them publishing search results that fail to distinguish between paid advertising and natural search results. "The ACCC is alleging that Google, by failing to adequately distinguish sponsored links from 'organic' Continue reading

Google Buys Panoramio & Feedburner..and spies on Californians

Google has snapped up another couple of Web 2.0 start ups. Feedburner is an RSS publishing service that is very useful (we use it, basically makes it easier for people to get your feeds, plus a whole heap of other functionality). They have the technology to insert advertising into feeds, which is obviously what Google is after. Panoramio is a ser Continue reading

Webby Awards 2007

The nominees for the 2007 Webby Awards have been released. The awards have been around since the dark ages (1996) and judging by the nominees this year the judging panel doesn't think much has changed.Lots & lots of completely un-searchable, ?you can only open this site on a supercomputer with a massive monitor?, automatically maximising your brows Continue reading

Last Chance to Vote for Your Favourite You Tube Video

2006 was the year of consumer generated media, in particular consumer generated video. You have until 23rd March to vote for your favourites in the You Tube 2006 Video Awards. Categories include: Most Creative Most Inspirational Best Series Best Comedy Video Best Music Video Best Commentary Most Adorable Video This is the current contender for M Continue reading

The New MINI

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new MINI R56 and Dane took these video clips of Russ Swift, one of the world's best stunt drivers, showing what you can do with it. You need to turn the ABS off though! "Dancing" to Queen Parallel Parking in less than 2 seconds Technorati Tags: MINI, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI Continue reading

The Web Elite

The 50 most important people on the web, according to an article on by PC World, reads like a what?'s hot online and lists the most influential people on the web. Contrary to Time Magazine?'s Person of the Year being, well you and me, PC World have compiled a list of the top internet entrepreneurs right now. Topping the list are the Google Continue reading

HDTV: Too much information?

Last year I made some observations about the role the pornography industry has played in the establishment of emerging technologies. I won't go into detail here, so here's the link to the original post if interested. I couldn't help but think back to that little gem when, browsing the NY Times this morning, I found a great article entitled: In Raw Continue reading

The Venice Project unveiled: Joost is here

I've been contacted a few times this week regarding recent references I've made to The Venice Project - mostly people wondering what what on Earth I was talking about. There's so much more to this than I can (read: 'have time to') say now, but here's the low-down. Remember Kazaa? Well, the two guys who set up Kazaa went on to set up Skype. Anyone Continue reading

2007 Online predictions for Kiwi marketers

2006 was an interesting year with the spectacular sale of auction house Trademe and the massive uptake of ?"you & me?" media channels like and So what will 2007 bring? How will this impact on Kiwi marketers ? here are our predictions. Ferrit will fly like a pig Following substantial ?reallocation of human resource Continue reading