Mobile wins over TV as preferred screen

A UK wide study by Weve, of 2,000 adults 18-55+, saw mobile devices eclipse TV, with nearly half of the much sought after 18-34  year old category considering mobile their first and most preferred screen. This exciting result secures mobile as a firmly established main competitor to the conventional and previously unchanged media channels. Key f Continue reading

Google’s Earnings & Mobile Advertising

I like to check up on what investors are saying and the data & predictions they are acting upon when it comes to tech companies. Because my expertise are around search marketing, I find it interesting to follow investor sentiment around Google to gauge where investors see the business' opportunities and difficulties are and how well it is in de Continue reading

Google’s mobile advertising problem

A premature drop in the Google (GOOG) share price has been attributed to a realisation that the growth in mobile usage has led to overall lower CPCs, cannibalizing desktop revenue growth. Advertisers who have taken advantage of bringing their ads on to mobile have enjoyed the lower mobile CPCs for years now. Taking into account mobile growth and Continue reading

jQuery Mobile Menu plugin for Responsive Web Sites

As part of delivering a first class browsing experience for mobile, a site's navigation often needs to be rethought for the smaller form factor. In many cases it makes sense to replace the bulky unordered list navigation with a simple dropdown menu at the top of the page. This minimises the screen real estate occupied by the menu and allows the use Continue reading

Mobile @ Google

I attended a Google Mobile presentation last night. It was just intended for the local agencies but something I wish all our clients could have attended. Some revealing stats of what is happening in the Australian & NZ mobile market were presented (unfortunately most of their stats are for AU). But, if anything, it is an indication of what is Continue reading

iPhone 3G Mobile Internet Without A Data Plan

Here is the situation - you?'ve just purchased an iPhone 3G with the intention to use it on Vodafone NZ on prepay.  Your wallet weights next to nothing now, but excited and aroused by the fact that you are holding an iPhone with 3G,  of course, you ought to try out the much hyped ?"mobile internet?". You launch Safari web browser on you Continue reading

A Text Message from the Pope

This is what thousands of attendees will be receiving daily over the 6-day World Youth Day event held in Australia. I'm not Catholic but think it'd be truly epic to receive a text message from God's spokesperson. "We wanted to make WYD08 a unique experience by using new ways to connect with today's tech-savvy youth," Bishop Anthony Fisher said Continue reading

Twitter – The Cyber-family Connection

As of today, my sister has set off to work in New York. Although I will miss her dearly, the wonders of the internet let me keep in touch to the point of being overwhelming. We all know about IM, Skype, Facebook etc, however I recently discovered the wonders of Twitter, and how it can keep my family connected at all times. My conclusion? Twitter, Continue reading

Apple vs. Hackers

Steve Jobs has announced today their official support for third-party applications on the iPhone. Along with this comes support for push email, Activesync and Exchange support (think Blackberry) has the low-down on what this all means: If official third-party app support piques your interest most, Apple delivered with some exciting a Continue reading

Joost get a CEO

Posted by mobile phone: TV 2.0 startup Joost has announced the appointment if their new CEO, Cisco executive Michelangelo Volpi. In an interview in the New York Time today he outlined some of their future plans for the platform which probably are extremely obvious, but I hadn't really considered until now. Joost is just software so it could be dep Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Panel at ad:tech Sydney 2007

What's next for mobile marketing? Firstly, in Australia and New Zealand, SMS/TXT is here to stay. Using the capabilities of video and photo phones in a campaign is still very difficult partly due to low penetration of 3G handsets (about 12% in Australia) and partly because the mobile phone companies still make it very difficult to provide a consis Continue reading