Google’s Earnings & Mobile Advertising

I like to check up on what investors are saying and the data & predictions they are acting upon when it comes to tech companies. Because my expertise are around search marketing, I find it interesting to follow investor sentiment around Google to gauge where investors see the business' opportunities and difficulties are and how well it is in de Continue reading

Bringing Your Website Data to Google Search Results

Ever wondered how to make your search results look like this? Not to get this mixed up with Sitelinks, this is marked-up data and is suitable for almost all types of data, (products, music, arts, books, business listings, restaurants, recipes etc.). Sometimes Google is able to turn your data into this result format automatically if it has been Continue reading

Get Ready for Google Product Listing Ads

Getting an advantage in AdWords over competitors sometimes comes from implementing new AdWords features before the competition does. We do this by keeping up to date with product announcements here but also keeping tabs with what Google AdWords is testing and has already launched in the US. One of these recent ad innovations is “Product Listing Continue reading

Mobile @ Google

I attended a Google Mobile presentation last night. It was just intended for the local agencies but something I wish all our clients could have attended. Some revealing stats of what is happening in the Australian & NZ mobile market were presented (unfortunately most of their stats are for AU). But, if anything, it is an indication of what is Continue reading

The Google +1 Button

Google is rolling out a new search results feature called +1. It allows searchers to recommend search results to others by clicking a button alongside the search result. This is important for webmasters and site optimisers to be aware of for 2 key reasons: 1. Having your page +1'd is a visual indicator searchers will use to evaluate the releva Continue reading

Marker and Yellow partner to bring IE 8 first in New Zealand

My good friend Nigel Parker over at Microsoft beat me to the post with his excellent blog post on Marker Studio's new search site for Yellow and customised IE8 browser experience: The launch has been very successful with over 10,000 downloads of the Yellow IE8 browser in the first 2 days! To add a bit of technical detail to Nigel's post we made Continue reading