Get Ready for Google Product Listing Ads

Getting an advantage in AdWords over competitors sometimes comes from implementing new AdWords features before the competition does. We do this by keeping up to date with product announcements here but also keeping tabs with what Google AdWords is testing and has already launched in the US. One of these recent ad innovations is “Product Listing Continue reading Launch AdSense Style Offering, the UK equivalent of Yellow Pages, has launched a new service called netReach. This is an advertising network based on a similar model to Google AdSense. Advertisers can now have their ads placed on Yell network websites, as well as on Meanwhile, website owners can earn revenue from signing up to the network and placing Yell net Continue reading

Facebook News Summary – Issue #8 28 February 2008

Sorry this issue is a little late. Facebook Cracks Down on Apps But Opens Arms to FlashFacebook has finally given you the option to permanently block an application and stop receiving vampire, texas hold-em, etc, etc requests continuously. This is a great news for users, not so great for app developers who rely almost entirely on the viral way in Continue reading

Google Print Ads Looking to Launch in the UK in 2008

I have previously posted an explanation of Google Print Ads, which is Google's online marketplace for buying advertising in newspapers. This has only been launched in the US so far, but there are now plans to take this to the UK. This would suggest to me that it is going okay for them in their local market since they launched about mid-2007. There Continue reading

Google Print Ads Officially Launched

Google Print Ads has been in the pipeline for a while now, but has only officially launched this week.The online demo has a full explanation of how it works but essentially it allows you buy space in any of their partner newspapers. You can place one ad in one paper or do a nationwide campaign (currently in the US only). It is not an auction model Continue reading

Nielsen/NetRatings Quits Smoking in Favour of Harder Drugs

A standard in online measurement used on a large amount of major NZ sites has now changed the way they will rank websites. Previously they had used page views for this but now are going to use the total time spent of a site. This can be used to measure audiences when purchasing advertising. By no means would I say page view measurements is great, b Continue reading

Example of an RSS Ad

Further to my post about advertising in RSS feeds, here is an example of how a Dell banner ad looks in my RSS Reader application (NetNewsWire). You can see the banner at the bottom of the screenshot. It is nothing special, I just realised that not everyone might have seen an ad in an RSS feed. I also had a conversation last night with some guys Continue reading

The Deck – Niche Vertical Advertising Networks (FOOA Future of Online Advertising)

Jim Coudal, renowned designer at Coudal Partners, gave a presentation at the Future of Online Advertising (FOOA) in New York on 7th June 2007, about one of their businesses, which is called The Deck. The Deck is a network of blogs all focused on a very specific niche audience of creative, design and web professionals (people like us). They have a Continue reading

Interesting facts, blinks and quotes from the Future Of Online Advertising conference in New York (FOOA)

Just a few notes, blinks and interesting stuff I've picked up over the last couple of days. I need a bit of time to absorb everything and write some more meaningful posts. ------------------------------- "Blogging in an ephemeral fad. Destined to burn itself out in a year or two." Hiawatha Bray, business journalist circa 2002He is now a blogger. -- Continue reading


This wasn't a term I had heard of before this week. In the context of online advertising, this means to buy out an entire online advertising network for one day so you completely dominate the entire property. This is used for major campaign launches or product releases. For example, you would "Roadblock" Yahoo! and your ad appears across all their Continue reading

Advertising Beyond Google, Yahoo! and MSN

This was the title of one of the presentations from the Future of Online Advertising conference, however I'm going to summarise a number of presentations that dealt with the same subject but with different angles.Beyond Google's AdSense product, which appears on numerous blogs, it isn't that easy to buy advertising on blogs. Here are three companie Continue reading

It’s Official

Mayor Bloomberg has officially proclaimed this week "Online Advertising Week" in honour of the Future of Online Advertising conference. If you don't believe me, here is the official Proclamation document. You can't read it but it basically says that New York is considered the birthplace and center of the advertising industry and that he wants the c Continue reading

Advertising in RSS feeds – The Next Big Thing?

This is a summary of a presentation by Brent Hill of Feedburner, which has recently been acquired by Google. His role is Vice President of Advertising Services so obviously is highly hopeful that advertising in RSS feeds is the next big thing, however, this is an interesting case for why RSS should definitely be considered as an option. RSS isn't m Continue reading

How will Google CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Work?

This is from a presentation in New York at FOOA by Kim Malone, Director of AdSense at Google.The first thing to note, is that this product is very much still in beta and is likely to change significantly before launch, however, the basic concept is like this:AdvertiserThe advertiser chooses the Price Per Action (PPA) that they are willing to pay an Continue reading

Why 47% of Campaigns Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeeds (Future of Online Advertising conference)

This is a summary of the presentation by Greg Stuart at the Future of Online Advertising conference today in New York.Greg Stuart is the former CEO, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and co-author of "What Sticks". He is an industry insider who has worked for agencies as well as advertisers.His views are very interesting and although the overal Continue reading

Future of Online Advertising

I'm at Gotham Hall in New York City attending the Future of Online Advertising conference. I'm going to post summaries of presentations and thoughts throughout the two days. The venue is amazing. Bit slow off the mark as the WiFi network has only just started working at lunchtime. Hope this isn't an indication of the future? Technorati Tags: foo Continue reading