jQuery Mobile Menu plugin for Responsive Web Sites

As part of delivering a first class browsing experience for mobile, a site's navigation often needs to be rethought for the smaller form factor. In many cases it makes sense to replace the bulky unordered list navigation with a simple dropdown menu at the top of the page. This minimises the screen real estate occupied by the menu and allows the use Continue reading

Tweet Button

You have worked hard to build great quality content for your site. And now your visitors are loving it! But, not enough know about it yet. Let's be honest. You were probably writing all this content in an effort to look great in the eyes of search engines and so people will link to it to build your page rank. Now you have another target; to make c Continue reading

DIY CSS Frameworks: CSS Design Patterns by Darren Wood at Barcamp Auckland 2007

Darren Wood works for Finda as a front end developer. He mentions the blueprintcss CSS framework and another is YUI, the Yahoo! User Interface Library. There is a lot of discussion about if you really need a CSS framework. The advantages are that you can save a lot of time by using a standard framework for every project, however, the downside is th Continue reading


I'm at the Barcamp event in Auckland. The first session I attended was by Rob Coup who is one of the contributing developers to The Dojo Toolkit. Dojo is a Javascript development toolkit along the lines of JQuery, Prototype etc. This one is open source but commercially funded by a few companies including Sun and so has 8 full time developers in a Continue reading

The function completed successfully but must be called again to complete the context

The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish a secure channel for SSL/TLS.What an error! It took me some time to resolve this but basically it went like this.We have a number of web sites that access web services via an https url. The site and the web services reside on the same machine. From the developers local machine the site w Continue reading

Yahoo Pipes. Awesome. Seriously.

Every now and then you come across an idea so completely useful and straightforward that you wonder why it took so long to come about. Yahoo Pipes is a perfect example, and I really encourage you to check it out. There's a whole lot of really useful information flying around this interweb-thingy, yet so much of it is in a prescribed format. You can Continue reading

IE 7 Standards Compliance – or lack there of…

This is a great post by Richard McManus at ZDNet relaying his phone interview with Microsoft's Chris Wilson, the Group Program Manager for IE. Many bloggers, including me, claim that IE 7 is NOT compliant with CSS standards. Here are some of Wilson's comments, which are a little disturbing: "In IE7 we really are trying to support Web standards. Eve Continue reading

Cleaning up with AJAX

Web based applications have many advantages over traditional desktop or client/server software. You only need a web browser so there is no additional software to install and so they are easy to support and make available over the internal network and Internet. As a result, many businesses of all sizes have used web based applications both for inter Continue reading