Flow Visualization for Google Analytics

Google has announced a new set of reports for Google Analytics called Flow Visualizations. The have tried to come up with an innovative way of visualising path analysis, which is looking at how visitors move around your site. This has typically been a report that is difficult to try to get any value from or draw concrete conclusions. Initially Continue reading

iPhone Blog Off

It's an iPhone blog off here at Marker, kind of like a bake off but posts instead of cakes, traffic instead of taste and iphone instead of trophy..the person whose blog post(s) gets the most unique visitors and 'genuine' comments within a month wins an iPhone. Competition restarts each month and sorry but limited to Marker employees only. So choo Continue reading

What is a Good Conversion Rate for an Online Retail Store?

Take a look at these:These numbers are for December 2007, so you would expect a higher than normal conversion rate in the lead up to Christmas, but even so, 29.5% of visitors to The Popcorn Factory made a purchase. That is pretty good. Based on this I would propose the following range: 1 - 5% Poor 6 - 10% Fair 11 - 15% Average 16 - 20% Good Continue reading

ClickTale – The Most Exciting Web Analytics Application For A Long Time

For awhile I have been lamenting the overall lack of progress in web analytics. I've been in the industry for 10 years now, and although the methodology behind collecting data has improved, the graphs have got a bit prettier, and the integration with online marketing tools such as Google AdWords has greatly improved, overall, it has been pretty slo Continue reading

US Advertising Spend Down Overall But Internet Is Up…Way Up

Nielson have released research on the advertising spend in the US market for the first half of 2007 in comparison to the same period last year. There was an overall reduction in spending by 0.5% but this is not really the full story. If you look at the numbers in the table below you'll see that advertising online is up by 23.3%. This is a massive Continue reading

The Magic of Monitoring

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a factory. The managers in this factory decided they wanted to improve productivity so they conducted some tests.They tested the impact of lighting on the output of the workers. They decreased it the light slightly and to their surprise productivity increased. They darkened up the room some Continue reading

Advertising Beyond Google, Yahoo! and MSN

This was the title of one of the presentations from the Future of Online Advertising conference, however I'm going to summarise a number of presentations that dealt with the same subject but with different angles.Beyond Google's AdSense product, which appears on numerous blogs, it isn't that easy to buy advertising on blogs. Here are three companie Continue reading

Advertising in RSS feeds – The Next Big Thing?

This is a summary of a presentation by Brent Hill of Feedburner, which has recently been acquired by Google. His role is Vice President of Advertising Services so obviously is highly hopeful that advertising in RSS feeds is the next big thing, however, this is an interesting case for why RSS should definitely be considered as an option. RSS isn't m Continue reading

How will Google CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Work?

This is from a presentation in New York at FOOA by Kim Malone, Director of AdSense at Google.The first thing to note, is that this product is very much still in beta and is likely to change significantly before launch, however, the basic concept is like this:AdvertiserThe advertiser chooses the Price Per Action (PPA) that they are willing to pay an Continue reading

Future of Online Advertising

I'm at Gotham Hall in New York City attending the Future of Online Advertising conference. I'm going to post summaries of presentations and thoughts throughout the two days. The venue is amazing. Bit slow off the mark as the WiFi network has only just started working at lunchtime. Hope this isn't an indication of the future? Technorati Tags: foo Continue reading

Big players steering clear of Netratings

Herald reports 'Big players steering clear of Netratings' Hats off to Xtra/Yahoo (X meets Y as they like to say) and perhaps it is about time the industry woke up to the RedSheriff/Netratings unnecessary hold on analytics in this country. Why Google would even consider Netratings is beyond me. Firstly, they have their own analytics package and sec Continue reading