Stop thinking “mobile first” and start thinking “mobile only”


Three years ago, most of the major banks had mobile apps, but the features were limited and there were certain tasks that still required you to use the Internet banking website on your computer. Now, all of the banks are focusing on providing everything on mobile, and this is set to become the primary or even only channel for the majority of customers.

In fact, some analysts predict that in the future the other service channels (e.g. call centres and branches) will only exist to support mobile. So the only reason you would ever call your bank is if there is an issue with their app. Some banks are already moving beyond transactions to allow customers to apply for credit cards, take up home loan offers and other sales focused activity all within the app.

How can your product or service be delivered entirely via a convenient and efficient mobile experience, improving customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency in your organisation?

Another important consideration is sequential multi-screening. If your users can’t do everything on mobile, you need to consider how they can start the process on mobile and finish on desktop (or tablet) and vice versa. An excellent example of this is When you start adding items to your cart on your desktop computer, these items will also appear in your cart when you open the mobile (or tablet) app, and you can continue shopping or complete the transaction at any stage on any of your devices.

How can your business provide a seamless, intuitive experience for customers across multiple devices?