Don’t forget about line of business & enterprise apps


EXO On The Go: The iPad companion to MYOB’s small-to-medium business ERP product, delivered by Marker Studio.

One of the more surprising announcements of 2014 was a massive strategic partnership between Apple and IBM to sell apps and devices into the enterprise market.

We have been surprised at how little activity we have seen so far in this area, with many clients still focusing on their consumer facing digital properties. Nearly everyone has launched an app and relaunched their web properties to support responsive design for mobile and tablet devices, but most internal systems are still only accessible on the desktop.

Like IBM and Apple, we believe there is enormous potential in this area to increase efficiency and drive business growth, as well as employee satisfaction and engagement. The old analogy “a rising tide lifts all ships” applies in this area. As users become more accustomed to better consumer apps and mobile experiences, they will expect the same at work as well.

How can we leverage mobile and tablet devices to extend the utility of our desktop applications? What new forms of value could we create by providing ready access to business applications in additional, mobile and tablet-only contexts?