Google’s Earnings & Mobile Advertising

I like to check up on what investors are saying and the data & predictions they are acting upon when it comes to tech companies. Because my expertise are around search marketing, I find it interesting to follow investor sentiment around Google to gauge where investors see the business’ opportunities and difficulties are and how well it is in dealing with those. In todays earnings report, the mobile advertising factor is again key in Google’s performance and projected results.

For advertisers, mobile is where many businesses still need to turn to to take advantage of cheaper and higher quality clicks. While investors are watching for Google to get more revenue in the mobile space, right now it is great for AdWords advertisers since it is still less competitive than desktop.

But not all websites can take advantage of this. Your website must be, at minimum, mobile-friendly. It has to render well before AdWords will let you send mobile traffic to it. Your site then needs to be easy to navigate and use on a mobile device. Otherwise, you will get poor quality visits from delivering a bad mobile experience to users. Think about how people will interact with the site, the forms you want them to fill and the content that they need to see.

Check how your site performs on mobile and evaluate how you are bringing in mobile traffic.

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