Bringing Your Website Data to Google Search Results

Ever wondered how to make your search results look like this?

Event Snippet

Not to get this mixed up with Sitelinks, this is marked-up data and is suitable for almost all types of data, (products, music, arts, books, business listings, restaurants, recipes etc.).

Sometimes Google is able to turn your data into this result format automatically if it has been arranged in a way that it recognises. Otherwise, you can choose to structure your data using the microdata or rich-snippet format as outlined in But if you already have a site, this can become quite a task depending on the complexity of your data and the additional development cost to implement the format into your templates.

Today, Google Webmaster Tools announced a useful tool to mark-up structured data. It is called Data Highlighter and it lets you easily highlight and tag website data through the GWT interface – without modifying or HTML tagging the pages themselves. You can do this without a developer.

Doing this will give Google a better understanding of the type and format of the data on your site so that it can be displayed in a more user-friendly format on Google search results.

Currently, this feature is only available for highlighting Event data types but should be open to more data types in the future; making these search result formats easier to achieve.

Learn more about this feature by signing into your webmaster tools account and go to Optimization > Data Highlighter.