Analytics Updates – Segment Real-Time & Shortcuts

Google Analytics has recently opened up some features that would be useful for power users. If you use your analytics regularly or run campaigns these additions are worth checking out.


Segmentation of Real-Time data.

Real-time data has been around for a little while but now you can segment it.
Why is this great? If you have a campaign going in a certain location, or via a particular email/channel/social site etc., you can see that traffic in real-time and know that campaign is performing right now. With that traffic segmented, you can see right there what pages those people are visiting (and if they are converting). This is ideal for watching social campaigns unfold.

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Report Shortcuts.

If you are not into making custom reports but you find yourself navigating to the same data and applying the same filters and segments to get the data you need, you only need to do that one last time, then use the new “Shortcut” feature. This will save the report settings into the Home > Shortcuts tab. Next time you need that report, just go there and adjust the date range.


Multi-Channel Funnels API.

This one is for the power users, particularly developers. You can query multi-channel funnels data if you have API access. This is useful to enable channel conversion attribution with cost and other data sources you have internally and if you want to automate the process.