Get Ready for Google Product Listing Ads

Getting an advantage in AdWords over competitors sometimes comes from implementing new AdWords features before the competition does. We do this by keeping up to date with product announcements here but also keeping tabs with what Google AdWords is testing and has already launched in the US.

One of these recent ad innovations is “Product Listing Ads”.

AdWords Product Listing Ad example

To advertise like this you need to have a Google Merchant Center account.

It’s value lies in that you can show much more information about products than you could with a standard text ad. Advertisers have experienced higher clickthrough rates and better quality leads with the use of imagery & pricing.

Ads could also be shown to a broader audience because keyword lists are not necessary. Instead, product data you provide the Google Merchant Center is used to determine which searches trigger the ad. If you still wish to have keyword control, you can create Product Extensions on your traditional text ads as well.

This ad format is currently only available in the US and other select countries. However, it is proving to be very successful for advertisers and useful for searches so we expect it to rollout to NZ eventually.

I have come across the ads myself and it definitely does make searching for products easier. I don’t even begin to scroll down the page. I can browse & compare direct from these links. Subconsciously, these listings are the only options I need and I immediately feel as though I have shopped around. Which is what Google is trying to do – shop around for you.

If you are selling products online, start listing your inventory on the Merchant Center and link it up with your AdWords so you are ready to go.

See AdWords Help to learn how to set it up.