New Google Analytics Features

Tracking Social Media

For a long time, social media media interaction has been difficult to track. Google Analytics now allows you to track & analyse:

  • Social Network Sources – this is now made easier, without having to maintain an advanced segment. You can also see the particular URLs that are being shared.
  • Conversions that can be attributed to content shared on social media.
  • Pages that are being shared and how they are shared.
  • If you are using Social Plug-ins on your site, now you can see which of these are being used.

All of these add much greater insight so you can optimise and focus your social media efforts to those that bring a better response. Find out more on how to access this data.

Exporting Reports

Sometimes I find myself reverting to the old version of Google Analytics because it did not support exporting into PDF. This option is now available.

They have also brought over the email function where you can schedule reports to send to yourself or others on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis – in any of the 4 formats.

Event Flow Report

You are probably already familiar with the fantastic Goal Flow and Visitor Flow visualisations. Now there is an Event Flow report. If you are using Events on your site, this is very useful in seeing how they are triggered in relation to each other:

  • Is there a particular event or type of event that is a precursor to other events being triggered?
  • Does a certain event trigger many times in a session?
  • Do certain types of visitors trigger certain events more than average? (use in conjunction with segments).

Use this data & insight to create more of the content (Events) that are being interacted with. Also consider the placement of these events on your site if they are proving popular.

Digital Marketing Attribution

Google Analytics Premium has released a special Attribution Modeling tool. It helps to visualise how your different online campaigns contribute to your website goals. Because it uses data already available, you can actually get similar data in the already present Multi-Channel Funnels available to all of us with the free Analytics package.

If you have not already, I highly recommend you take a good look at Multi-Channel Funnels in the Conversion section of your Analytics Report. If you are using Goals it will reveal very insightful charts and funnels showing you how many and in what order visitors touch your different campaigns before making a conversion.