Mobile wins over TV as preferred screen

A UK wide study by Weve, of 2,000 adults 18-55+, saw mobile devices eclipse TV, with nearly half of the much sought after 18-34  year old category considering mobile their first and most preferred screen. This exciting result secures mobile as a firmly established main competitor to the conventional and previously unchanged media channels. Key f Continue reading

Earn consumer trust with less data collection

2014 is the time for brands to earn consumer trust simply by asking for less data. This simple answer has come about to fix the overwhelming data mining issues that have come about this year. 2013 has seen brands push data collection boundaries; by giving consumers excessive sign up forms upon using their websites, products and apps. This has a Continue reading

Auckland BarCamp 3

This year Marker Studio was involved in the 3rd Auckland BarCamp - both from a presentation and sponsorship point of view. BarCamps are international user generated conferences - open, participatory workshop events, where the content is provided by participants. The Auckland version of BarCamp has happened three times over the past two years and h Continue reading

Second Full Code Press Competition

We are very excited to announce that one of our team members, Darren, has been selected as part of the CodeBlacks team representing New Zealand at this year's FullCodePress 24 hour web development competition. FullCodePress is a web competition - the brainchild of the people at Webstock and WIPA. In essence it’s a geek Olympics! The concept is Continue reading

Wedding bells at Marker

Congratulations go out to our resident Information Architect. Justin and his Fiancee Amber were married this Saturday on Willow Island, Auckland Zoo at 3pm. It was a magical day and Marker was very lucky to be a part of it. We wish them both the best of luck together in the future. Continue reading

Cobblers Kids

There is an old saying that cobblers children have no shoes. Well, we launched our first website on 1st June 2006 and it has taken over 2 years to relaunch. To be fair, we have launched a blog and redesigned that a couple of times since 2006, however, we still took a lot longer than I would have liked. I'm very happy to announce the launch of the Continue reading

2009 Digital Workshop Series

As the internet continues to expand, evolve and encompass the business marketplace so must your learning in these challenging times. Starting soon Marker will present a seminar series that will directly address why increasingly companies must stay abreast of advancing internet trends and know how to leverage all the new applications that are availa Continue reading

New Arrival

Marker would like to congratulate Sharleen and Jason on the happy arrival of their first son. Finn Lauchlan Jones. Born as the sun came down at 9:42pm on Wednesday 21st January 2009. He weighed in at 8lbs 6oz. We are happy to pass on any wishes to Sharleen if you would like to leave any in the comments. Continue reading

Google Could Get Your Feedback on Search Results

Google are considering if they should look at user feedback into search results. As good as their algorithm is, you will always get irrelevant listings in the search results, and who better to know but a human end user. I think if they can take this data into account, as part of the overall calculation there could be some value. I don't believe in Continue reading

iPhone 3G Mobile Internet Without A Data Plan

Here is the situation - you?'ve just purchased an iPhone 3G with the intention to use it on Vodafone NZ on prepay.  Your wallet weights next to nothing now, but excited and aroused by the fact that you are holding an iPhone with 3G,  of course, you ought to try out the much hyped ?"mobile internet?". You launch Safari web browser on you Continue reading

Here's something that is kind of useless, but still cool (seems to be a trend?) is a search engine that is still in beta, and calls itself a "Visual Search Engine". Essentially when you search for something within Searchme it gives you a small screen shot of the actual website, along with using Apples "Cover Flow" design to flip throu Continue reading

MultiFirefox – Best of both worlds

If the shinyness and world-record-breaking hype of Firefox 3 had you upgrading last week, you will have noticed a few things. One: FF3 is pretty bad ass. Two: Some of your plug-ins are not going to work in FF3, especially if you use some obscure ones. And then there is the old web development mantra of "But does it work in <insert browser name Continue reading

Fuzzwich – a sweet new animation tool

Thanks to @elliotjaystocks for the heads up on Fuzzwich's upcoming Animator software. It's looks fantastic – the process lends itself almost entirely to fun - when was the last time anyone said that about Flash? Interesting that as Flash has moved into basically a programming environment a big hole has opened in the market place for smaller Continue reading

With the Adobe AIR runtime become more popular for porting web apps to the desktop, have released a great list of some of the best Adobe AIR apps available at the moment. Some of the more noteable ones include the desktop version of Google Analytics Reporting Suite and the desktop version of Google Reader. Continue reading

A Text Message from the Pope

This is what thousands of attendees will be receiving daily over the 6-day World Youth Day event held in Australia. I'm not Catholic but think it'd be truly epic to receive a text message from God's spokesperson. "We wanted to make WYD08 a unique experience by using new ways to connect with today's tech-savvy youth," Bishop Anthony Fisher said Continue reading

How to get a book deal

I think this is the perfect example of how to get a book deal. The author of the blog has just received a book deal from random house. Basically the blog has been a huge hit with white people who love the irony of reading and laughing about their every day lives with 23,076,753 hits in 3 months. Random House saw the hyp Continue reading