jQuery Mobile Menu plugin for Responsive Web Sites

As part of delivering a first class browsing experience for mobile, a site's navigation often needs to be rethought for the smaller form factor. In many cases it makes sense to replace the bulky unordered list navigation with a simple dropdown menu at the top of the page. This minimises the screen real estate occupied by the menu and allows the use Continue reading

Evolution of the Web Interactive Infograhic

This interactive timeline infographic illustrates the progression from the first web browser to where we are today. It also serves as an example of what is possible with HTML5. Something like this would not have been possible without a plug-in like Flash, until very recently. Probably doesn't work in IE6! It also demonstrates the complexity of c Continue reading

3D Housebuilder Demo using Silverlight 5

John Papa did a demo of this impressive 3D house build Silverlight application at the MIX11 Keynote. Microsoft have released the source code for this as a free download. The quality of the rendering is certainly impressive and it seems they are making 3D support a cornerstone of the benefits of using Sliverlight 5 when it is released. Certainly s Continue reading

Blue Angels Site

This site was demo'd at the MIX11 conference showcasing the capabilities of HTML5 video, canvas and Silverlight, all working in perfect harmony in the super fast IE9 browser. Check this page out for the ability to flick between multiple camera angles in the same video footage. This is interesting, as I haven't seen this before. Wasn't this the Continue reading

HTML5 Video

Nigel Parker from Microsoft gave a fantastic talk at the MIX11 conference regarding HTML5 video (and audio). What does that mean? Well, the HTML5 specification, which is supported by newer browsers, contains a new tag which allows you to play video and audio in the browser, without requiring a plug-in such as Flash. This not only makes it much sim Continue reading

AlphaJax On Stage at MIX11

[youtube width="520" height="400"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW6xCG-d_js[/youtube] Thomas Fennel from Microsoft at MIX11 talking about AlphaJax as an example of push notifications and tile updates. Thanks for the mention Thomas, and it was great to meet you. Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 – Mango Release

As Windows Phone 7 developers, what we really wanted to know was when would we get a new version of the operating system, and what would we get. There are obviously a number of features and capabilities that are missing compared with other mobile platforms. Well, we're going to get the developer tools next month (May 2011) and the update will go Continue reading

Barcamp 2010 – The non D in the room

I thought I would write a quick rundown of my first Barcamp experience from the perspective of the non Developer or Designer in the room. I tried to hop around the talks to a variety of topics some of direct interest to my role in Marker and some quite new or challenging. First talk of the day was given by Peter McLennan. He was talking about his Continue reading

IIS7 Extensionless Urls, SEO and Kentico 5.0

My previous post on this subject only went so far. It focused solely on the usage of extensionless urls with Kentico but stopped short of full SEO compliance because of problems experienced when trying to integrate Kentico SEO settings with the IIS7 rewrite module. This post completes the by getting the SEO settings fully implemented as well. Base Continue reading

Launch of the St John NZ CPR iPhone App

We are proud to announce the launch of the St John NZ CPR iPhone App in the Apple App Store this week. This was a partnership with St John, the leading provider of first aid training in New Zealand as well providing ambulance services to 85% of the population. The St John NZ CPR iPhone App teaches the life saving skills of cardio-pulmonary resusc Continue reading

WordCamp NZ Summary

I spent my weekend in Wellington at the inaugural WordCamp event in New Zealand. This is about the open source blog platform, WordPress, which we use for various projects, including our own site/blog. Here is a quick summary of some of the presentations I attended. 6 ways for bloggers to say out of legal trouble Steven Price, Barrister medialawjo Continue reading

Matt Mullenweg on the future of WordPress

I attended the WordCamp conference over the weekend. Matt Muellenweg is the co-founder of Automattic and Wordpress. He started Wordpress when he was 19 (he's 25 now). He is a rockstar developer/entrepreneur/millionaire who has had a massive impact on the world of blogging. He is also a really great guy. I think I hate him. Wordpress 2.9 Wordpress Continue reading

Working with the Google Search Appliance

We have harnessed the Google Search Appliance (GSA) for Yellow’s new website – guidetoauckland.co.nz - a site that is heavily centred on search. Google designed the GSA to provide fast, relevant search for websites and intranets. The GSA is offered in two different models. The GB-9009 can handle 30 million documents in a small (5U) footprint Continue reading

Accessibility – The Wheelchair Ramp to Your Website

Note: This article is republished from Practical eCommerce The original creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, dreamed of an information space that was open to everyone on the planet. But like many dreams, imagination took over and the vision became layered with roadblocks that effectively brought down the shutters for many users. Access Continue reading