Mobile wins over TV as preferred screen

A UK wide study by Weve, of 2,000 adults 18-55+, saw mobile devices eclipse TV, with nearly half of the much sought after 18-34  year old category considering mobile their first and most preferred screen. This exciting result secures mobile as a firmly established main competitor to the conventional and previously unchanged media channels. Key f Continue reading

Earn consumer trust with less data collection

2014 is the time for brands to earn consumer trust simply by asking for less data. This simple answer has come about to fix the overwhelming data mining issues that have come about this year. 2013 has seen brands push data collection boundaries; by giving consumers excessive sign up forms upon using their websites, products and apps. This has a Continue reading

New Zealand AdWords Advertisers are not using Enhanced Sitelinks

If you have not done so yourself, your AdWords campaigns are now being automatically upgraded to the Enhanced Campaign features. 75% of campaigns have been upgraded by advertisers meaning the rest will go through AdWords default upgrade path over the next several weeks. One important upgrade feature that I think many AdWords advertisers in NZ have Continue reading

Google’s Earnings & Mobile Advertising

I like to check up on what investors are saying and the data & predictions they are acting upon when it comes to tech companies. Because my expertise are around search marketing, I find it interesting to follow investor sentiment around Google to gauge where investors see the business' opportunities and difficulties are and how well it is in de Continue reading

Bringing Your Website Data to Google Search Results

Ever wondered how to make your search results look like this? Not to get this mixed up with Sitelinks, this is marked-up data and is suitable for almost all types of data, (products, music, arts, books, business listings, restaurants, recipes etc.). Sometimes Google is able to turn your data into this result format automatically if it has been Continue reading

Google’s mobile advertising problem

A premature drop in the Google (GOOG) share price has been attributed to a realisation that the growth in mobile usage has led to overall lower CPCs, cannibalizing desktop revenue growth. Advertisers who have taken advantage of bringing their ads on to mobile have enjoyed the lower mobile CPCs for years now. Taking into account mobile growth and Continue reading

Bing at Search Marketing Expo

I was at SMX 2012 today and it was well attended by Bing who were out to make sure online marketers consider them in their digital strategies. Bing's selling point is access to the Yahoo! & Bing audience. With this, Bing takes 30% of the US search market share. For an advertiser, this means we should expect them to deliver 30% of the clicks. Continue reading

Get Ready for Google Product Listing Ads

Getting an advantage in AdWords over competitors sometimes comes from implementing new AdWords features before the competition does. We do this by keeping up to date with product announcements here but also keeping tabs with what Google AdWords is testing and has already launched in the US. One of these recent ad innovations is “Product Listing Continue reading

Flow Visualization for Google Analytics

Google has announced a new set of reports for Google Analytics called Flow Visualizations. The have tried to come up with an innovative way of visualising path analysis, which is looking at how visitors move around your site. This has typically been a report that is difficult to try to get any value from or draw concrete conclusions. Initially Continue reading

How long New Zealanders spend on Facebook – Experian®

It is rare to find New Zealand internet usage statistics. But recently, a study by Experian Hitwise has revealed that New Zealanders spend the second longest amount of time on Facebook - 30 mins 31 secs per session, following Singaporeans. This does mean we in New Zealand spend more time on Facebook than the typical Australian or American, whom we Continue reading

How many fields should you have in your form?

A very common question we get asked all the time is how many fields should I have in my enquiry/competition entry/registration form. The short answer is that if you have less fields, the number of conversions will be higher. However, this needs to be balanced against getting the right information. Eloqua analysed 1,500 forms over 3 months and c Continue reading

Mobile @ Google

I attended a Google Mobile presentation last night. It was just intended for the local agencies but something I wish all our clients could have attended. Some revealing stats of what is happening in the Australian & NZ mobile market were presented (unfortunately most of their stats are for AU). But, if anything, it is an indication of what is Continue reading

8 Essential Rules for Social Media and Business

This article is a good high level summary. The key rule for me is number 2: Organizations must have a dedicated social media evangelist. Social media is just about talking to your customers. If you don’t have someone in your organisation with some authority and access to decision makers to fulfil this role, then you probably shouldn’t be doin Continue reading

The Google +1 Button

Google is rolling out a new search results feature called +1. It allows searchers to recommend search results to others by clicking a button alongside the search result. This is important for webmasters and site optimisers to be aware of for 2 key reasons: 1. Having your page +1'd is a visual indicator searchers will use to evaluate the releva Continue reading

Tweet Button

You have worked hard to build great quality content for your site. And now your visitors are loving it! But, not enough know about it yet. Let's be honest. You were probably writing all this content in an effort to look great in the eyes of search engines and so people will link to it to build your page rank. Now you have another target; to make c Continue reading

Facebook Places Launched

Right now, Facebook is launching Facebook places. An app for your iphone, and eventually other devices such as Android, where you can share through Facebook where you are by "checking in". Find out what and who is around you. The idea is that your Facebook friends will know where you are and, if they happen to also be nearby, then why not meet up? Continue reading

No more fans, only Likes… or rants.

In Facebook’s mission to make the world more open and connected, it has recently launched “Community Pages”. It is basically a straight pull of Wikipedia information based on what Facebook users have used in their profile with the ability for users to comment. However, where Wikipedia information is not available, a blank community page is cr Continue reading

Friday Links

A new feature, Friday Links, some stuff for you to think about over the homework. Analytics as WMD (Weapons of Mass Delusion) I still have a love/hate relationship with analytics. There is so much value, but then so much that we still need to know and so many times when the numbers just don't make sense, rocking confidence in the wh Continue reading