Rugby World Cup: Mobile versus Web Infographic

The Rugby World Cup 2011 has released details of their digital campaign.

The key statistic for me is that usage of mobile devices outstrips that of the website. Let me repeat that, more people accessed the mobile apps than the website.

Rugby World Cup Mobile Trumps Web Infographic

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  • Official mobile application downloaded more than 3 million times
  • More than 17 million video clips viewed on the official RWC 2011 mobile app
  • The mobile apps generated over 350 million page views compared with 120 million on the website.

This is stunning. Mobile usage was nearly three times that of the website. This is a resounding success for mobile and I applaud these guys for making such a bold move. Nothing like the scale of what they delivered had ever been done before for a major sporting event, and they have proven that if you build it, they will come!