IIS7 Extensionless Urls, SEO and Kentico 5.0

My previous post on this subject only went so far. It focused solely on the usage of extensionless urls with Kentico but stopped short of full SEO compliance because of problems experienced when trying to integrate Kentico SEO settings with the IIS7 rewrite module. This post completes the by getting the SEO settings fully implemented as well. Base Continue reading

Marker and Yellow partner to bring IE 8 first in New Zealand

My good friend Nigel Parker over at Microsoft beat me to the post with his excellent blog post on Marker Studio's new search site for Yellow and customised IE8 browser experience: The launch has been very successful with over 10,000 downloads of the Yellow IE8 browser in the first 2 days! To add a bit of technical detail to Nigel's post we made Continue reading